the smart card AntiMatter

The AntiMatter card is the only business card that you will ever need. This smart business card will allow you to share your contact details effortlessly and is fully customizable and safe.

What is it ?

In the realm of possible and imposible, we came-up with the idea to help you get rid of that stacks of business cards, and only use ONE card to share your contact information.

This card, known as our AntiMatter card, is a NFC powered card that can share the details stored on it by simply tapping it against the back of your NFC enabled smart device.

It is the size of a normal bank card, and we can make it look just like your original business card, making it appear as a normal business card. We also include a QR-code on the back of the card, for those phones that does not have NFC because we want you to be able to share your details with everyone!

Step 1

Open device settings and activate NFC.

Step 2

Hold the AntiMatter card against the back of your device.

Step 3

Contact information gets loaded onto device.

Why choose it ?

How many times have you left your business cards at the office or at home? You order hundreds of cards, but forget them when you need them most.

This is where the AntiMatter card is your all-in-one solution. Firstly, it is our green solution, helping to save the trees one business card at a time. Secondly, you can carry this card in your wallet, and it will always be with you. Lastly, when you use this card to share your details with a client, you will leave a lasting impression, blowing their minds and further securing your client-business bond.

Our cards can be used for:
  • Access control
  • Time Tracking
  • Various Business Uses
  • Sharing of website, social media pages, Wi-Fi passwords, etc.
  • Enabling phone functions
  • And so much more