Your online presence Web Development

Putting your business on the World Wide Web is essential to help you grow. With a variety of templates to choose from, or a complete custom design, we can create the perfect website best suited for your business needs.

Ask yourself this: "What is the first thing people do when looking for a specific product or service?" The answer is quite simple. they go online and start searching ...

Websites increase brand awareness and increases your online and offline presence. It is one of the most important images of any company. Visitors that do not find your website engaging, will most-likely not use your products or services.

At Quantum State we pull-out all the stops to create that website that perfectly represents your company, your products and services, and your clients’ needs in a clean and visual display that will leave your clients wanting more.

Our websites are for any and all people, if you want to simply show off your company, use the website to engage client responses, allow clients to make payments, or have a complete on-line store.

Website Checklist:
  • Responsive
  • Unique Design
  • User friendly
  • To the point
  • Fast load time
  • SEO rating

The Journey ...


The Connection

We get to know you and gather information about the unique personality the website should strive to.


The Drawing Board

We research and compile a mood board of components, creating a preliminary feel of the website.


The Presentation

You get to see a preview of what the website will communicate to visitors and confirm if we are good to go.


The Wireframes

The website structure is layed out: website pages and content to appear on each page. Client feeds back from this step forward before continuing to the next.


The Design

Style guide is created. Pages are designed for a representation of what the final product will look like.


The Development

The website is built and made fully functional and interactive. If requested, hosting is set up.


Quality Assurance

The website is optimized and inspected in various browsers and devices to ensure a seamless experience.


The Confirmation

A staging environment is set up for the website to be viewed by client for final fine tuning.


Go Live!

You are now the proud new owner of your own website! The website is taken live and is now visible for public visitors.